TKV project at International Istanbul Initiative on Ageing (IIIA), October 4-6, 2013

TKV case studies have been presented during the International Istanbul Initiative on Ageing (IIIA), in Istanbul, Turkey, among more than 200 European and international projects promoting s a new wave of thinking of what it means to be agefriendly.

1000 experts participated in the event organised at the WOW International Convention Center by the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) in partnership with Turyak Seniors Council Association.


The competition aspires to the prospective creation of new designs and initiatives, while promoting a shift in thinking that focuses on the specific needs of an increasingly important population segment. TKV project has been selected to participate in the IIIA Initiative and competition it demonstrates elements of integration between generations, promoting the social capital of an ageing population, and the importance of achieving intergenerational solidarity.

For more information about the projects presented during the Initiative, please download the full Programme.