TKV Final Event in Rome

The final event of the project "The Knowledge Volunteers " ( TKV ), funded by the European Commission, has been an opportunity to reward the volunteers involved in the teaching of new technologies to people over 60 in Italy , Spain, Czech Republic and Greece , but also for discuss new opportunities for the future .

From the Municipality of Rome has been launched the campaign " The Knowledge Volunteers Network" and the viral video on the exchange of knowledge among people of all ages and nationalities. The deputy mayor Luigi Nieri opened the event : a meeting in which I participated with great pleasure , especially important because it deals with interesting themes that bring together different generations through volunteering , communication , technology , and exchange of knowledge. "
The Network already has more than 36,000 people . volontari-conoscenza-1.jpg
Young tutor of digital literacy courses that take place in the multimedia classrooms of schools, digital facilitators in the Internet Corner of senior centers , regenerators of pc leading recovery workshops , entertainers of virtual community of innovation .
Teachers specialized in teaching for social innovation. Adults or elderly tutors at community centers or voluntary associations, providers of skills and expertise to complement and support the youngers’ orientation to work and entrepreneurship. To explain the peculiarities of the knowledge voluntary is Professor Alfonso Molina, Professor of Technology Strategy at the University of Edinburgh and Scientific Director of the Foundation: " The voluntary offer is focused on the exchange of knowledge between generations and on major social challenges . Must be a learning process leading to the acquisition of new skills such as the ability to problem-solving , creativity , entrepreneurship , cooperation, solidarity and social responsibility. For young people is an important opportunity to build their future. " But also for the elderly : "Not only do they learn to use new technologies and fight isolation but make available to all young people their social and professional experince ."

vicesindaco-rete-dei-volontari-1.jpgThe event in Campidoglio has been also also an opportunity to present a set of new projects , which will help to strengthen and disseminate the results of The Knowledge Volunteers project: the fourth edition of " the Knowledge Volunteers award ", the 12th edition of Grandparents on the Internet , and the new ISIS project , which was awarded the " Prize for the European Year for Active Ageing and solidarity between Generations " ( Italian Government / family policies )
The event , coordinated by Mirta Michilli , general manager of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, was attended by Erica Battaglia, President of the Commission for Social Policies, and Valeria Baglio, president of the School Commission, and representatives of the European partner organizations : ICVolunteers , Switzerland; Foundación Para el Desarollo Infotecnologico de Empresas, Spain; 50plus Hellas, Greece; Centrum vizualizace a interaktivity  vzdělávání Ostrava, Czech Republic.

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