Really Growing

Project TKV courses in Italy are underway. ISIS Gobetti Volta in Bagno a Ripoli (FI) will end its course at the end of May.  This school in the Province of Florence was the first Tuscan school to join the project.

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Clara Pistolesi, a school administrator, is very satisfied with the project and will have the school participate in it next year, too. She talks about enthusiastic students who understand the difficulties of learners and learn to be generous.
Listen to the interview with Clara Pistolesi:
Students act as tutors, while the students are mostly women, including Grandma Isola (72) who used to hate new technology, but now uses it both practically and for fun.
Annie, a French painter, uses the Internet to feed her passion for art. She downloads pictures and searches for exhibitions.
Listen to the interview with Grandma Isola: 
Leonardo (15) is on of the most active student tutors. He is hungry to learn and teach and loves to speak about his elder students.
Listen to the interview with Leonardo: